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Telegram is a fantastic cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed. You can join groups or chat with family and friends free. Telegram has been downloaded over 100 Million times on Android and is fast becoming the "go to" messaging app. We are proud to introduce Telegram to the public and have the opportunity to chat live with Newcastle Hackney taxi drivers.

Telegram is available for Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows, MacOS, Web-version and PC. Follow this link to download the Telegram application for the device you have decided to use. Click here to join our group.

Our Telegram group is a dedicated area whereby NHCDA members can chat to other Newcastle licensed taxi drivers. No advertisements allowed. Abusing other drivers in the group or swearing is not allowed or tolerated. Be friendly and enjoy. You will be banned if you abuse any other driver. 

If you feel you have been blocked by a group administrator by error please contact Richard via our contact page to unblock your account. Thank you

Cab Help

Rent it  ~  Fuel it  ~  Drive it

Cab Help

CAB HELP are one of the leading local providers of quality taxi rental vehicles. Fully maintained, safe and presentable vehicles fulfill all the requirements of your taxi needs. 

Tel: 0191 2736868    Text: 07812 348558

  1. Choice - Leading supplier of Hackney Carriage & Private Hire plated Vehicles within the North East area. Never be off the road again with Cab Help.
  2. Flexible - We offer week-to-week vehicle rentals giving drivers the flexibility during these difficult times within the industry including "Pay as you go" all inclusive services.
  3. Free quote - We offer a free no obligation quote. Long or short term agreements available. Click here to contact us by email.  
  4. Simple - Vehicle maintenance, servicing, road tax, & council paperwork carried out in- house. We strive to make your rental experience straight forward and stress free.

Other services are available

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