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Welcome to the N.H.C.D. Association

The Newcastle Hackney Carriage Drivers Association has come together to challenge issues and improve our trade with ongoing discussions with Newcastle City Council. Drivers join FREE today.

Please follow our social media channels for regular updates

We can be stronger together to build a better future for our trade. It's our time. 

Set up in February 2018 the NHCDA already has 313 members. Join free today.


Fellow Newcastle Hackney taxi drivers have joined our Telegram group. Trade chat only.

We will be in regular contact with Newcastle Council regarding issues within the trade.

Newcastle Hackney Carriage Drivers Association

This website has been set up to inform Newcastle Hackney taxi drivers of the NHCD Association..

The Association was first set up by John Hirst, Mark Cowie & Richard Ahmed in February 2018

The association is open to ALL Newcastle Hackney drivers & proprietors, including Newcastle Central Station & Newcastle Airport drivers.

"Taxi driver of 35 years. Having seen the decline of our trade, I want to challenge Newcastle City Council on bad policies that effect us all." 

"I have worked in the taxi trade for many years and I am dedicated to helping Newcastle Hackney Carriage taxi drivers have their say."

"I have been a Newcastle Hackney Carriage driver for 22 years. I am committed to righting the many wrongs within the trade."


Committee members and Telegram administrators:

Urfan Hussain (Arthur) (W673)
Klarky (275)
Mirza (247)

If you would like to join the committee please contact John Hirst at

To read our mission statement please click here.


Join NHCDA Today

Please join our Telegram group now. 313 Newcastle Hackney taxi drivers have already joined.


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Update: Due to demand, we can now accept association members by contacting admin by email. If you would prefer to join the NHCDA by email please click here. We would still require a photograph of either your plate or badge number. However, we strongly recommend joining the association via the Telegram messenger application to join the 313 Newcastle Hackney taxi drivers in a private chat group.  Please note that you can download Telegram to your PC or laptop if you don't have a smartphone.

Contact us:

To contact us by email                         

To contact NHCDA by phone:

Phone: 0742 3739874

ALL Newcastle Hackney taxi drivers have passed the Newcastle City council locality test unlike many Newcastle Private hire drivers who work
via "Ride Sharing" mobile phone applications and follow Google maps navigation to assist getting customers to their destinations.

Website & NHCDA logo designed by a Newcastle Hackney driver FREE of charge.

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Any donation to the NHCDA fund is appreciated.
Donations go towards printing costs, web hosting fees, business cards, stickers etc.

Please donate from as little as £1.00 to cover these costs.