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This website has been set up to help customers learn more about the Newcastle Hackney Carriage taxi trade and their drivers. We're sure you'll be surprised with the information you'll read.

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Did you know Newcastle Council set our taxi rates and we have not had a fare increase since September 2013. Surprised? 

We will NEVER price surge unlike Uber. We only have 2 tariffs and don't increase fares over Bank Holiday periods.


Most taxi drivers now accept Visa, Mastercard, Apple and Android pay. Just look out for the sign on the vehicle.

All drivers have passed a locality test and are DBS checked. Vehicles are checked every 6 months by Newcastle Council. .

Our Association has over 140 Newcastle Hackney Carriage Driver members

Newcastle Hackney Carriage Drivers Association was set up in February 2018 and helps drivers & vehicle owners with issues within the trade.
We have a Twitter account along a Youtube channel to keep the public up to date with our trade.

Drivers are all self employed

All our drivers are self-employed. We are classed as sole traders. We pay UK tax to HMRC & contribute into the UK System.

Drivers passed DBS

All drivers have passed a DBS check. The Disclosure and Barring Service will check for any driver criminal records etc.

Drivers passed locality test

All drivers have passed a locality test unlike a huge percentage of Private Hire drivers. We know "the knowledge".

Newcastle Hackney Carriage Drivers Association 

Contact us:

Media or advertising questions can be requested via email                       

Please contact Richard Ahmed (NHCDA Chairman) by email:

We try to reply within 48hrs. Please contact Police for lost property.

We are proud to announce the new partnership with local business Cab Help
Cab Help

Rent it  ~  Fuel it  ~  Drive it

Cab Help

CAB HELP are one of the leading local providers of quality taxi rental vehicles. Fully maintained, safe and presentable vehicles fulfill all the requirements of your taxi needs. 

Tel: 0191 2736868    Text: 07812 348558

  1. Choice - Leading supplier of Hackney Carriage & Private Hire plated Vehicles within the North East area. Never be off the road again with Cab Help.
  2. Flexible - We offer week-to-week vehicle rentals giving drivers the flexibility during these difficult times within the industry including "Pay as you go" all inclusive services.
  3. Free quote - We offer a free no obligation quote. Long or short term agreements available. Click here to contact us by email.  
  4. Simple - Vehicle maintenance, servicing, road tax, & council paperwork carried out in- house. We strive to make your rental experience straight forward and stress free.

Other services are available


Join our telegram community group Today

Are you a Newcastle Hackney taxi driver? Please join our Telegram group now. Chat live to Newcastle Hackney taxi drivers.. We continue to have regualr meetings with Newcastle Council regarding increasing awareness within our trade. Download telegram first then click the link below.

If you are looking to purchase a taxi please join our private group on Telegram here.

For more information regarding On:Time Claims please go to ontimeclaimsne.co.uk

We are proud to be associated with SumUp. 

Most drivers offer customers the option of paying by Visa, Mastercard, Amercian Express, Apple Pay & Google Pay.

Drivers can order a card reader today for only £15.00  - link.

Don't have cash......not a problem.

ALL Newcastle Hackney taxi drivers have passed the Newcastle City council locality test unlike many Newcastle Private hire drivers who work
via "Ride Sharing" mobile phone applications and follow Google maps navigation to assist getting customers to their destinations.

Website & NHCDA logo designed by a Newcastle Hackney driver FREE of charge.

We are proud to announce the new partnership with local business On:Time Claims
On Time Claims

If you have been in involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, On Time Claims N.E Ltd can help.

Start your claim today, Call us: 0191 273 7776

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